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We continuously look for new members. We provide fluent service in Swedish and English, brilliant cooperation, professional business, extremely well equipped piers and versatile dinghy activities. One third of all boats in the harbor are motorboats. EPS is a big club and can provide stability in terms of fees, too. The continuity of operating is guaranteed. Welcome!

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If you also apply for a berth, fill in the berth application here.

Situation of berths on October 20, 2021: all of the harbors 452 berth places are currently occupied. We have 30 boats in the queue for the berth place and we will allocate the vacant places based on the membership age of the members. Places will be given as soon as we get vacant places.

For your information: normally during the winter about 10% of the berths will get a new boat – in our case this means 40 – 50 berths. Part of these berths go for our existing members, but f.ex. last winter we managed to offer berth for almost 40 boat of new members.

Considering membership?

In EPS you get a first class berth in a sheltered and deep harbour with walk-on side pontoons as well as active dinghy activities.

Besides harbour and boating centre you can you the clubhouse and two island harbours. With our sailboats also motorboaters can try sailing.

Led by a professional club manager we provide our members versatile digital services.

Summer night guard is organized as a commercial service; members guard only on evenings.

We hope that you actively enroll in club activities. We require that you keep your contact information up to date. Your boat must be inspected according to SPV rules and it must have a third party liability insurance.

New Members’ thoughts on EPS

  • Especially the club manager exceeded our expectations. We felt very welcome
  • Big boat berth was very important to us.
  • We received a prompt response from the club manager and the board handled our application fast in the middle of July
  • I was impressed by the kindness of the EPS members I met before joining the club.
  • My friends had good experiences on EPS.
  • I felt welcome.
  • The Club is big enough and financially sound.
  • My friend recommended EPS. I also like the location with respect to boat routes and interesting sailing waters.


Membership fees are determined in the yearly meetings. The board decides the berth payments on the basis of the pricing of the city.

New members pay a one time joining fee and the membership fee.

Berths are priced on the basis of boat beam. Boat and supplies stored onshore are required to pay an onshore storage fee.

Winter storage payment contains the docking of boat and mast in Nuottaniemi or Suomenoja, and the summer storage of the boat cradle as well as the moving of the cradles on spring and autumn. Taking the boat out of water and setting it back in spring need to be organized and paid by the member.

Trailers and boats on trailers cannot be stored in the harbor during Winter. In the summer empty trailer are also not allowed in the harbor. Espoo city has an Ämmäsmäki storage area for traffic going trailers and boats. Ämmäsmäki is available for winter and summer storage. Places can be reserved here (Finnish only).

Fees for the current year are here.

The statutes of the club are here (Finnish only)