Espoon Pursiseura EPS ry. Yacht Club is a modern yacht club. Its activities include marina services for leasure boating, boat inspections and trainings, junior work, small boat sailing for grown ups and sailing racing. Our goals are to be a forerunner, ensure controlled growth, network actively and to internationalize. The cornerstones of the activities are sense of community and responsibility. We participate actively in the discussions concerning boating with the City of Espoo.

We offer a nice community, clear systems for our members, deep and well equipped harbour, good premises as well as active small boat sailing for children, youngsters and grown-ups. We participate in local and national promotion of boating interests. We act responsibly and consider the environment and our stakeholders. We respect good governance and consider safety as the primary goal.

In our Restaurant you cab enjoy good food in the atmosphere of an old Karelian villa by the sea.

Our youth actitivities offer meaningful sailing hobby in a safe environment. Also special groups can utilize our services. The action starts from the Chlidrens’ Sailing School and may continue even to World Championship and Olympic level!