The Laser group is for anyone who wants to sail a dinghy. During the training season, they sail in groups corresponding to own level, with the goals ranging from simply having fun to doing well in national competitions. If sailing a dinghy is a new thing for you, you can join in by attending a beginner’s course, which will teach you enough to manage on the water independently. The group consists of both young people and adults who are beginners, or some more competitive sailors.

Laser courses were started at EPS in 2014, and interest has been increasing steadily every year. Laser is the world’s most popular dinghy sailed single-handed, and as a result boats are easy to come by. The three rigs available ensure that a laser can be handled just as easily by young people and adults.

When you start, you will not necessarily need your own Laser dinghy, as the club has five dinghies at its disposal. If you become enthusiastic about the sport, you will likely want to have your own. Lasers are available at reasonable cost, for example at

Coaching fees

  • Laser group €350/season (training once a week), €550/season (twice a week), competitive group €650/season (Laser training + access to Europe dinghy training under certain conditions).
  • The equipment charge is €200/season if you use the club’s boat in training. The fees include a 10% VAT.

If you want to keep your dinghy at EPS, you must be a member of a junior or senior fleet and a pay a small fee.
The training fee and equipment charge are invoiced in two instalments. Those who begin in August only pay for the rest of the season. Weekend camps are priced separately.

Interested? More information from the team leaders:
Iiro Törmä    050-5677705
Mari Wesanterä    040-5330673

Training schedule:

  • We have weekly coached training from the beginning of May to the end of September or early October (weather permitting) on Mondays and Thursdays at 5–7 pm, and on Sundays at 4.30 pm, with Mondays reserved for the more experienced sailors and Thursdays focusing on the basics. On Sundays we all train together.
  • Weekend camps in the spring and autumn
  • Training for competitive sailing rules
  • Working bees to maintain the club’s Laser dinghies
  • Sailors with competitive goals may also, as per agreement, take part in sailing and physical training with Europe dinghy sailors.
  • Participation in Laser class regattas (Ranking/Masters, depending on individual interest)