For children, young people and adults

We are a sailing dinghy club for children, young people and adults. The youngest start in children’s summer sailing schools with Optimist dinghies, gradually moving on to Zoom, Europe and Laser as they grow older. But even if you never went to a sailing school as a child, you can join our beginner’s classes and continue in the Laser group regardless of your age.

But the main thing with us at EPS is to enjoy our sailing and have a good time. We’re easy to get to, too: just take the metro to Matinkylä and hop on a bus, getting off at the Nuottatie crossroads. There’s also a city bike station right at the crossroads, and plenty of parking space next to our club house.

Children’s sailing school

EPS organises the very popular children’s sailing courses during the school summer holidays in Nuottaniemi. The children use either Optimist and Zoom8 dinghies, provided by EPS.

The children are taught getting their boat ready for sailing, starting off from the shore, the basics of sailing, and returning to shore. They will learn to use the rudder to steer and the sheet to adjust the sail, to tack (turn a boat’s head into and through the wind) and gybe (swing the sail across a following wind). The children are also taught basic things about navigation, such as identifying and understanding the meaning of seamarks.

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Coaching groups

EPS offers sailing coaching at many levels. Some groups practice with a clear target, aiming for competitive success, while some are still learning the basics.


We have three training groups for Optimist sailors. Optimist dinghies can be sailed by children between the ages of 7 and 15.

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EPS’s Zoom group is suitable for those 12–18-year-olds who have outgrown the Optimist dinghy and want to continue sailing.

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The Europe is class for all sailors weighing more than 50 kg.

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The Laser group is for anyone who wants to sail a dinghy.

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How to join?

Get in touch with the team’s contact persons. Their details are shown under each boat class. Head Coach Leo Tykkyläinen (leo.tykkylainen [at ] also can also provide more information.


We have Optimist and Zoom8 dinghies for the use of especially children and young people getting to know the sport at reasonable cost, as you do not have to buy your own dinghy right away. The club’s Lasers are shared by the coaching team in weekly training for a fee. If we don’t have enough dinghies at any one time, the participants take turns to use them. 606 dinghies are used on sailing courses. Europe dinghy sailors must have their own dinghies.

The club has several coaching and safety boats. The club provides courses for coaches and instructors to become responsible boaters. Only coaches who have passed the course may use boats that have an engine power of more than 15 kW. The equipment is repaired and maintained collectively. Each group will be allocated a moderate amount of maintenance work during the summer. If you want to keep your dinghy at EPS, you must be a member of a junior or senior fleet and pay a small fee.

Code of ethics

When I represent Espoon Pursiseura (the Espoo Yacht Club), I undertake to adhere to the common ethical rules that apply to coaches, employees, club members, sailors, members of the coaching team, parents and others involved in the club’s junior and dinghy sailing activities.

A Positive Attitude

With my own positive attitude, I increase the well-being of the community.


I respect the trust and the rights of members of the community whilst being open and honest myself.

Respect for Others

I speak respectfully of other people, other clubs, and partners. I value others regardless of their skill level.


I treat everyone equally without discrimination on the grounds of age, gender, color, sexual orientation, mother tongue, language, religion, political or other opinion, family relationship or status.

Lead by Example

I do not bully anyone verbally, physically, online or over the phone.
I don’t use humour as an excuse to embarrass others.
I avoid sexually nuanced gestures and speech as well as physical contact. Physical contact requires permission from another.


I consider my behavior on social media and its impact on other members of the community, youngsters, and adults.


I take care of safety.
I ensure that the age, skill level and experience of the participants are considered in coaching and other activities.
I follow the instructions given by the coach.

Healthy Lifestyle

I don’t smoke, consume alcohol or take substances when I’m amongst youngsters.