EPS is a forerunner in responsible boating. We support the possibilities of our members to enjoy the sea and the archipelago, and empower themselves through boating. Regular member boat inspections and boating trainings ensure safe boating. We respect the environment and our stakeholders and support good governance. In our own harbours we require sustainable activities. As the first boat vlub in Espoo we have banned the use of soft antifouling paints in our harbors and dockyards. We guide our members to minimize the local, regional and global impacts on the environment.

EPS participates in the local promotion of boating interests and has been one of the founders of Veneilevä Espoo joint effort  of boat clubs in Espoo. EPS operates in good cooperation with the city of Espoo to implement its sea releated visions.

Environmental sustainability

EPS prepares an environmental programme and an application for an environmental certification for the Nuottaniemi harbour. Local negative impacts are minimized through proper waste collection and disposal, the control of the use of the septic tanks, operating procedures in harbors and the ban of soft antifouling paints. Regional and global impacts are minimizsed e.g. by guiding the members towards sustainable boating both in terms of environmental impacts and global warming.


Our stakeholders matter

Our central stakeholders are harbour neighbours, Espoo people, city of Espoo and other friends of common sea environment. We strive to have as positive impacts as possible to our stakeholders. Our way of thinking starts from the land traffic in Nuottaniemi as well as the avoidance of halyard noise from the harbor, and proceeds well into offering sailing possibilities for the disabled.

Good governance and safety

Club administratsion is transparent and equal. No member specific special arrangements are allowed, and the payment traffic is supervised duly. The safety of employees, especially young coaches, is controlled accurately. Coaching boats and ribs are allowed only for coaches that have taken adequate training. The use of kill switch is mandatory and tightly supervised. For member boats, early inspection according to SPV system is mandatory.