Archipelago bases

EPS has two bases at its use in the Archi. Our own base EPSNääs is situated some 11 NM from Nuottaniemi in Kirkkonummi. In a very sheltered small harbour bay there are piers and mooring buouys. In addition, EPS members can access the Merivalkama base of Meritie boat club, situated in Inkoo some 34 NM away. Accordingly, members of Meritie are allowed to use EPSNääs.

In Merivalkama there are lots of piers. shore power, small cabin, sauna and grilling facilities. In the Midsummer and the last weekend of August, both clubs use only their own harbours.

Both EPSNääs and Merivalkama are accessible even with a draught of 2.5 m.


EPSNääs is situated in a sheltered cove east of Porkkalanniemi cape. Approach maps are available for members.

There is a sturdy fixed pier with mooring buyous, dry toilets, grilling facility and a small terrace. A rowing boat is available, too.

For barbeque there is wood in the shed. Be careful with open fire.


EPS has agreed with Meritie yacht club on joint use of the island bases. Meritie members are allowed to use EPSNääs and EPS members are allowed to use the Merivalkama site.

In Merivalkama there are three piers with shore power, a cabin, sauna, barbeque facilities and dry toilets.