EPS fees

One time enrollment fee and annual membership fee in 2021

Membership type    Enrollment fee    Membership fee
Full member 340,00 € 125,00 €
Junior (max 18y) 15,00 € 30,00 €
Student (max 24y) 40,00 € 62,50 €
Family member 0 € 15,00 €
Crew member 40,00 € 62,50 €
Supporting member 40,00 € 200,00 €

Boat fee and cost of the harbor place in the summer 2021

Boats and trailers left in the harbor without permission will be charged 100 € office fee in addition to the rent of the place. Unmarked trailers and boats can be moved by the city or by the club to another storage area. The move will be done on the cost of the owner.


On first year a one time 100 € booking fee will be charged.

Member who has paid the booking fee but does not bring a boat to the harbour will hold the right for a boat place 5 year if the membership continues unbroken.

Every boat owener also needs to pay an annual boat fee of 35 € for service and boat inspection.

Heavy boats (10 – 15 tonns) a heavy boat fee of 50 € will be charged annually.

If the harbour has free space the harbour committee can rent short term season places also for boat owners who are not members. The price of season places is 10% of the corresponding annual fee of the member place per every week or part of it. Alternatively a season place costs 150% of corresponding annual fee of the member place for the entire season. Season places can only be rented for one season only. Please note that a boat on a seasonal place shall have a valid inspection done as well as a valid 3rd party liability insurance.

Pricing of the boat places in the EPS Nuottaniemi harbour for members follows the max width of the boat (incl VAT 24%)

 Under 2,00 m  258,30 €    2,80-2.99 m 431,55 €     3,80-3,99 m 616,35 €
 2,00-2,19 m  284,55 €     3,00-3,19 m 469,35 €     4,00-4,19 m 655,20 €
 2,20-2,39 m  321,30 €     3,20-3,39 m 507,15 €     4,20-4,39 m 690,90 €
 2,40-2,59 m  359,10 €     3,40-3,59 m 542,85 €     4,40-4,59 m 727,65 €
 2,60-2,79 m  394,80 €     3,60-3,79 m 579,60 €     4,60 m or more 827,40 €

We also have 4 side places for really big boat wiht max length 18 m and max weight 25 tonns. Pier place cost is 2500 € (includes the heavy boat fee)

For small boat which will be kept in water we offer “dinghy places” at the very beginning of some piers. Price for whole season is 40 €. Max boat weight is 150 kg.

If a boat place is given after August 15 the ongoing season will be charged with 50% discount. A boat place given after September 15 is free for the ongoing season.

Other seasonal fees

  • storage container or trailer for boat equipment    80 €
  • motor boat or small sailing boat on a trailer    85 € (includes the fee of the trailer)
  • empty trailer of a boat having a pier place    0 €
  • Opti, Zoom    10 €
  • E, Laser, Finn 470 and similar   20 €
  • 49er and similar   30 €
  • multihull (catamarans)   40 €

Please note that a boat on a traffic licensed trailer or the bare licensed trailer are not allowed to be stored in the harbor at any time. Upon a request and because of a special reason the harbor captain or the club manager can grant a place for said boat and/or trailer. When granted a special sticker shall be fixed to the trailer.

Short term:

  • storing a boat, a trailer or combination on the parking field 80 € per every week or part of a week


Winter place pricing for season 2021 – 2022

Price apply for winter storage in Nuottaniemi or on the EPS areas in Suomenoja.

Pricing is according to the width of the boat including its possible winter cover:

 Under 2,00 m  141,75 €    2,80-2.99 m 236,25 €     3,80-3,99 m 330,75 €
 2,00-2,19 m  160,65 €     3,00-3,19 m 255,15 €     4,00-4,19 m 349,65 €
 2,20-2,39 m  179,55 €     3,20-3,39 m 274,05 €     4,20-4,39 m 368,55 €
 2,40-2,59 m  198,45 €     3,40-3,59 m 292,95 €     4,40-4,59 m 387,45 €
 2,60-2,79 m  217,35 €     3,60-3,79 m 311,85 €     4,60 m or more 406,35 €

The price of the winter storage includes storage of the boat and mast as well as the summer storage of the boat stand. Price also includes the use of cranes needed to move the boat crate during the spring and autumn activity. Cranes needed for taking the boat out of water or setting it in needs to be organised by every boat owner.

Note that every boat stand needs to have an id card (available in the office). Also masts stored in the EPS areas need to be marked.


Cancelling a boat place reservation

A pier place and winter place reservations will continue automatically from year to year until explicitly cancelled.

A pier place reservation must be cancelled latest at the end of February. For a cancellation happening between March 01 and April 15 a 75% refundung will be granted. For a cancellation happening between April 16 and May 15 a 50% refunding will be granted. For cancellations after this no refunding is given.

A winter storate reservation must be cancelled latest at the end of June. For a cancellation happening between July 01 and August 15 a 75% refundung will be granted. For a cancellation happening between August