EPS is both a marina and a sports club. In addition to marina and boating activities we promote youth activities, organize sailing competitions, courses, camps, trainings and common time. However, we recognize the the realities of the modern world and the limited time of our members, and each and all of us can participate as he or she likes.


Our Year Clock

The season starts in the spring when the members gather to our boatyard areas to prepare the boats for the summer. In the winter time many of us has taken some trainings. The official season start is the Spring Event when we prepare the home harbour and raise a common toast for the spring. When all the boats are in the water we move together the cradles to storage area for the summer. During the holiday season we boat around the Baltic and meet other members in the marvelous Archipelago Sea. As the autumn arrives it is the time to move the cradles back to the boatyard area and to lift the boats. In October we celebrate season’s end in Villa Pentry. In the Christmas seminar we might hear the latest news from the boating business.



EPS organises various trainings for its members.

EPS belongs to Espoon Merikoulu sea education school a joint effort by the local clubs. Ask the club manager for trainings in English!


Offshore racing

There are many offshore racers in EPS, and EPS participates in the organization of the Espoo Suursaari race, the second largest offshore race in the Baltic.