Europe dinghy

The Europe is class for all sailors weighing more than 50 kg. Owing to a mast and sail adjusted for each sailor, sailors of different sizes can compete in Europe class. Europe dinghy offers an excellent step to grow as a sailor and learn more about trimming, for example. Europe dinghy gives sailors an excellent basis to continue with any boat class later. The national Europe dinghy fleet is growing, enabling good competition without having to go abroad.

EPS is one of Finland’s most successful Europe dinghy clubs. For example, the reigning junior European champion (Ilari Muhonen, Faabord 2019) is from EPS. We currently have more than ten 14–18-year-old members – ranging from those who have enjoyed success in major competition to those who have just started sailing in the class. This ensures excellent group dynamics, with training sessions planned to meet the needs of each sailor.

The core of our operations consist of:

  • sailing training 4–5 times a week
  • domestic ranking competitions
  • representation in teams in major competitions
  • physical training and theory during the winter season

Coaching fee for the summer season:
€1150 (includes sailing training from May to October and coaching in domestic ranking regattas)

Click here to pay (Holvi)

The training fee is paid in advance in two instalments through Holvi before season start and in August.


Interested? More information from the team leader:
Juha Laurila
juha.laurila  [at]

Tapio Nirkko about the Europe dinghy: “It’s a versatile and sturdy boat that has all the fine features of a dinghy and elements of sailing: a physical and relentless boat in terms of hiking, but on the other hand delicate going both upwind and downwind. The rig is excellent and provides a good way to learn about the effects of the equipment and trimming on performance.” (E-bulletiini, 2020)