Membership application

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Membership types:

  • Full member: Most common type. Required e.g. if you want to bring a boat into the club and have a pier place for it
  • Student member: studying member with the age of 19 – 24 years. Also student member can bring a boat to the club
  • Junior member: max 18 year old
  • Family member: lives in the same household with full, student or junior member
  • Crew member: minimum 19 years old. Crew members can bring light boats or surfboards to the harbor and apply for place
  • Support member: a private person or an organisation who wants to support Espoo Yacht Club

The membership fee of the ongoing year will not be charged from member joining September 16 or later. However the enrolment fee will be charged when joining.


  • Sports: dinghy sailing, kids sailing and competition, sailing and maintenance of the 606 boats of the club
  • Leisure: inventing and creating events and trainings, developing community spirit
  • Real estate: managing and organizing maintenance of the realestate property of the club
  • Harbor: maintenance of the harbor and winter storage area, developing and maintaining the piers
  • Communication: internal and external communication
  • ICT: maintaining and developing the ICT infra of the club
  • Economic & Administration: managing and developing the financial systems and procedures of the club
  • Boat inspection: acting as an inspector – training and certification provided by the club
  • Boating training: acting as a trainer for dinghy sailing and/or larger boats
  • Environmental activities: developing the club towards environmental friendly

Your participation can be light participation or you can sit on the drivers seat.


Rules of the club can be found here (only in Finnish)

GDPR explanation here (only in Finnish)

Membership application

  • Your application can be set to wait for a free berth for your boat. Please note however, that the application is binding. When a berth becomes free you will be informed and the all the charges are due to pay. So if you do not anymore want a place/membership remember to cancel the application!
  • DD dot MM dot YYYY
    Please note that accepting to share the contact data internally is a requirement if you want a boat place in the harbor