EPS annual general autumn meeting


was held on Nov 29, 2021. Highlights:

  • we had 5 members on site and 6 via Teams
  • Jyrki Koski was elected to continue as commodore for the years 2022 – 2023
  • 3 members of the board had their 2 year term done and 2 of them were re-elected
    • Lauri Rekola (finances)
    • Hannu Soininen (real estates)
    • the club committee was left open and we are waiting for candidates…..
  • financial auditor will continue (BDO Oy)
  • operations inspector will be Tapani Juva and vice inspector Tuomas Raivio – both are ex-commodores
  • budget proposal was accepted as presented – no major investments during 2022
    • the financial position of the club is very strong – even after this  years investments (club house, new RIBs, a storage building for RIBs, one new pier K and renewing the pier A)
    • no need to seek additional financing
  • membership and enrollment fees will remain as before
  • auditors will be paid as invoiced
  • inspectors will have free boat place and exempt from guard duty

The meeting did start at 18:03 and end at 18:37